Our Mission

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Here at RetroverseMC we aim to provide the absolute best customer service and experience we can. We strive to offer our players fun and exciting ways to spice up their play on our server.

Our policy with this web store is to only provide what we like to call “The two C’s of paid content“, “Cosmetics and Convenience“.

This is something that is close to our hearts here at the admin team as we’ve seen all too often servers offering an unfair advantage to those willing to spend their money with them.

We will NEVER offer something that gives a paying player an advantage that is not obtainable without paying real money.

The purpose of our web store is for any of our players that think we deserve it, to give back to the network and help us keep your fun going.

This is our promise to you!   

Thank you for being part of our journey.

-Admin Team

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