What We’re About

RetroverseMC started as a project between Double(me), Jtems and Autumn. It was something that just came together from us all wanting a certain experience in Minecraft that we felt no other place seem to fit. The idea of having cutting edge plugins , staff that actually care about every player (even the annoying ones) and moral fortitude to not just sell everything in the hopes of making a few bucks, was something we felt that we could provide.

Now by no means are we extreme experts in creating a Minecraft server network of this scale , but I think that is one of the main things that drive us to be better. We will always take a problem and learn why its there, how to fix it and how to prevent it in the future. This is why I think this server is unlike most others. We are not afraid to say we don’t know some things, but that is what can lead us to creating something that is new and has a fresh perspective on the whole server culture.

When you really break down who we are, were just a group of friends that want to take this great game we’ve all grown to love and make it something more for everyone to create those memories of friendship that will last a lifetime.

Thank you,

  • Double